Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little Miss Manipulative

     Bella has mastered the art of manipulation. Especially when it comes to bedtime or naptime. She seems to find every way to stay awake whether it be "I need water, or my blanket (which she acts like she cannot pull it up herself), or my animals, or my Mickey Mouse. You get the idea. For example, We switched the lock around on her door to keep her in her room a while back so she would stay in bed or rather at least in her room when it was time to sleep. Don't judge, we unlocked it once we knew she was asleep. Regardless she hated it and we worked it out so that if she stayed in bed we would not shut or lock the door. This worked for a while but lately she has been sneaking out of bed shutting the door and turning the light on to play. The other day she wouldn't settle down so I said "Bella do you want me to lock the door?" She said "yes mommy lock the door" So I did. She got up started playing and you know the rest. Naptime has been a challenge as well. After I put her to bed at night I tell her I have to go make Daddy's lunch. Well today she wanted her juice (it was on the dresser) and I told her "No, it's naptime". She screamed and cried and then said "Mommy go make Daddy's lunch again" I guess this was her attempt to get me out of the room so she could party. I left anyway juice in hand and she played with all her toys, and told her Jasmine barbie all about how our puppy Juno is coming soon and he is such a good boy. Maybe she knows something we don't but I sure hope so.

     Juno will be here on Labor Day Monday and we are so excited. He is a black Lab and he is 6 weeks old. Bella seems to think that Smokey is coming with him and it makes me so sad. I keep telling her that Smokey is in Heaven with Jesus but she keeps saying he is coming. I am not really looking forward to potty training and a puppy who may be up all night but that's just part of it. Its been 12 years since I had to house train, what will I do?????Who knows maybe he will motivate Bella to go in the potty. It could happen right?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gainesville/Ocala Brady's Party

This shows exactly how much fun she was having

The Gray family
My fav game and I didn't get to play...sigh

The birthday boy

The little girl to the right is another Bella that our Bella kept pushing

Me and my Bev
Bev and Brady hiding
Bev and Brady

    Saturday we went to Gainesville to see my great friend Judy for her birthday. We had lunch at Cracker Barrel and got to catch up some. Unfortunately I didn't think to get any pictures so remind me next time I see you Judy. Judy got Bella a stuffed Florida Gator and she played with it all the way home.

     We then headed down to Ocala to go to Bella's friend Brady's birthday party. Here I got to see my other great friend Beverly. It has been so long since we have seen each other so it was great to catch up with her. They had the party at Fun Factory in Ocala and the kids had a blast. The kids all got tokens to play games and had a huge jungle gym thing to play in.   Mike in the ball pit with Bella was priceless. He thinks we need one for the house. Yeah maybe our wouldn't be feces infested but I digress. 

Danny's Birthday

Sydney,Danny,Heather ,Mike
Syd,Danny,Heather,Fred, Pru, Bella ,Mike
Everyone but me and Emma
Danny and Emma,she sleeps a lot.

    On Danny's bday Mikes parents came up because we they hadn't seen Bella in a month. The pictures didn't turn out very well. The restaurant wasn't this dark. Maybe its time for a new camera.....

August 08

                                             Waiting for Church

                                                          Messy head

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome Emma Grae Fariello

                                                        Ain't she sweet?
                                                She looks a lot bigger than she is
                                               Let me see "it" mommy

                                               Sydney and her little sister
                                               Ethan loved the TV remote

        Well everyone Emma Grae Fariello is finally here! It seems like we have been waiting forever for her to come, especially Heather. I am going to copy Danny's email to tell you all about it:

     First pictures of baby Emma. Heather "shot" her out at 6:35am before the doctor could get to the hospital. It was just two nurses in the room and we were unprepared for the delivery. Heather started to complain about pain so the nurse came in to check her and Emma's head was already there. Emma came out with no one there to catch her and landed on the bed. She checked out fine at 7 1/2 pounds and about 19 inches long.

        She is just beautiful and looks just like her brother Ethan. When we went to the hospital he introduced us to her. He then said "I love her" SO sweet!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What a decade! 8/10/98-8/10/08

     So today is Me and Mike's "dating" anniversary. I am copying my friends blog with this but I have no old pictures to share on this computer. Wow! This time 10 years ago we were visiting the keys for the first time and Mike was trying to teach me how to snorkel with our friends Megan and Alan. His ultimate goal was scuba diving but little did he know yet that I was such a chicken. Eventually though I did get certified even if I had to have my hand held the entire time. Thanks Doc! 

      Well let's see what has happened in the last ten years? We have had numerous jobs, moved 9 times, lived in Gainesville, Fairfax VA, Centreville VA, Gainesville again and now Green Cove. We moved a few times in each place to bigger apts etc. We got engaged, got married, had three dogs named Smokey, Chewy, and Rainy. We lost Chewy, gave back Rainy and Smokey just passed this year. Oh we also had a beta fish named Oscar and an Oscar fish named Willie. We have a fantastic little girl named Bella and a Labrador named Juno on the way in September. We have sadly lost some family members and some young friends and we have welcomed new friends and new family members with joy.  We are purchasing our first home and finding a new church home. We have made new friends and lost a few. We have gone on ski trips (where I did not ski ... are you kidding, did you already forget I am a chicken?), cruises, many more trips to the keys to dive, dive at Epcot,  an unbelievable honeymoon in Atlantis,  and who knows how many trips to Disney and Washington D.C.

    Our most memorable moments are probably the obvious ones, our wedding (what's a wedding without some drama?), our honeymoon( the most beautiful, peaceful place we've ever been), and the birth of our Isabella Marin.  There are no words to describe that day and even joy wouldn't be sufficient. She is the ultimate blessing and I thank God every day for allowing us to be her parents and to share our love with her. I just hope we can give her a wonderful life and she gets to be as happy if not more so than we are.

    When we began this journey we had no idea where it would go or even if it would go but we're still kicking and loving every minute of it. I only hope the next 10 years brings us as much joy and laughter as the first 10 has. 

Saturday, August 9, 2008

$5 movies

    I think I mentioned in a previous blog that our movie theatre is offering $5 movies Monday-Thursdays during the summer with $5 refillable popcorn and drink. Total steal! Although that's nothing compared to the dollar movies we went to growing up. 

   We took Bella to a see Space Chimps a few weeks ago when we realized the summer was quickly drawing to a close. Where the heck did it go, really? So $5 or not please do waste your time on this movie even for your kids. Ok if they are going without you, great but otherwise just trust me. It had a few funny points but I think I would have been disappointed even if we had just rented it. Sorry I guess we are just spoiled with great movies from good 'ole Walt that not much compares. I am not even sure Bella liked it. She usually talks through the whole movies adds her commentary but this time she just sat there and munched her popcorn. Boy does this kid love popcorn. Probably because that is how I bribe her into the cart at Target. I take back my subpar comment on Wall-E, it was super compared to Space Chimps.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Evel Knievel part deux

                                             We'll show them these pics when they are older
                                              it looks like he's pushing her farther in but he 

                                             was trying to hold her back
                                              God I love these kids...
 She also had a blast throwing wet sand

 Look at this pregnant lady she is so over this pregnancy.

     Bella is going to put me in a perpetual state of worry. Especially in the water she has become the ultimate daredevil. We went to St. Augustine beach yesterday with the Fariello's and John and Kathy.  She is proving to be her father's daughter. Because it was a Thursday Mike had to work and I was on my own. The last time Bella was at the beach she went in the water but mostly made sand castles or her version of them which resembled blobs. This time all she wanted to do was jump the waves in the water. Ethan has been several times lately and he does really well and at least doesn't give Danny and Heather a heart attack. We were up to the kids chests and everytime the wave would come we would pick them up or help them jump. The problem here is that Bella didn't want help even if she went under.  SO everytime I would try to grab her hand she would yank it away try to jump the wave and fall under. Each time I would pick her up make sure she was ok she would sometimes hack a little wanter and would jump right back down to do it again. I kept leaning over to pick her up under her arms which gave me a really bad backache and I have been exercising lately!
     Before the trip was over she went under at least 20 times and refused my help almost all of them. 

21st Century Chuck E Cheese's

                                              Ethan made a friend who told me my son was "so cute"
                                                                Slip sliding away

                                              She kept looking away and forgetting to drive
                                              She loves Chuck here
                                            This thing was super cool and Bella would not go on.

     Aaaaaahhh  Chuck E Cheese's! I know I used to love this place as a kid but I don't remember a lot of it. We have one here in Jax so why not subject Bella and Ethan to a little Chucky. From past reviews some people have said that the food was just horrible and not worth it but we found some coupons and ventured out. As soon as we got there Ethan started yelling  "Chuck E Cheese mommy, Chuck E Cheese!" Then Bella started once we got inside. Keep in mind the kids have never been here. Just goes to show what good advertising does. No wonder we want so much!
      When we first went in we were greeted by a lovely employee who gave us matching glow under blue light stamps on our arms. This way no creepy child abductor can walk out with your kid. Welcome to the 21st century Chuck E Cheese! Don't get me wrong I think this is a great idea and helps me to relax a little if she slips away from me at some point but it is such a shame that it has to me this way.
  We ended up with 86 tokens with our coupon and pizza and drinks for 3 adults and two kids so not such a bad deal. At one token per game we were thrilled! The kids got to do everything they wanted and then some and we still had plenty tokens left for next time. They both were in awe of Chuck and the whole experience. There were at least four birthday parties going on in this place on a Wednesday so the place was packed. Am I the only one who thinks this is weird? I guess I just thought most kids parties were held on the weekends. 21st century Chuck E Cheese's!