Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some pictures

I know I 've been totally slacking. We have been sick again. This time me and Bella with colds. Bella and her Daddy went to Orlando this weekend to see her buddy Savy for her birthday but since she was sick they just stopped by to drop off her gift. They then headed to Disney to meet Mike's parents. I had a baby shower here to attend so I got a day and a half by myself. All I can say is ...weird. I did end up watching Emma for a bit so I had a little company with her and Juno. All of this and no pictures. Pru can you send us some from this weekend? Bella also got to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast with my parents on Sunday morning. She has been asking to go for weeks. Apparently she was a big grouchy pants all weekend. Anyway, here are some other pics from recently.
Emma and Juno (he is now 92 lbs.when will it stop?)
Bella wanted to hold her so bad
Messy face

Her room pre-mess

He was laying in the dirt sleeping so I tried to sneak out there to get a picture. I thought awww he's so cute. The same day I spent $10 for an outdoor rug so he would stop tracking said dirt inside. Now as you know I can do a lot with $10 so for me to spend it on one rug was a BIG deal. I had a gift card so I said, sure I'll splurge. Well he tore it up within 30 minutes of me placing it out there. It is now in pieces all over the yard. I guess I should have known better. Dumb,dog.


Monday, March 23, 2009


Please check my money saving blog at

Two Window Clings (I normally buy these on clearance) 1.98
Breeze Contour Glucose Monitor 14.99
Tums 7.99
2 Colgate total 6.98
2 Windex Multi Purpose
Axe Shampoo for Men 5.99
Wags Extra Strength Pain Pills 2.99
Bubblicious 1.69
Reese's cups 2/$1.00 (I ate one sue me)
Right Guard Professional 5.99
11 cans Hunts tomato sauce
Used: $50 in coupons and total was $7.52 but I return four razors because of a coupon debacle and got back 11.52 so total was -$4.52 for all of this
Also I got $3 more in register rewards for the Tums and will recieve $20 in mail in rebates! STEAL!
CVS Transaction #1
4 -8packs Mountain Dew4/$10(not pictured)
2- Post Cereal 1.88 each
2- Colgate wisp mini toothbrushes with paste built in( I am so excited about these!) 1.99 each
2- Gold Emblem candy .99 each
Total: 19.72 before tax
Used: $12.76 Manufacturer coupons
$5off $15 CRT
$5.99 CVS coupons
The reason this doesn't add up is because I bought a maybelline foundation for 7.99 that was supposed to give ecbs but didn't so I returned it. This left me with an overage of $2.53. I also recieved $2 ECB back for the Mountain Dew. Total profit of $4.53!
CVS transaction #2
Nova Max Glucose Monitor $9.99
2-Gold Emblem Candy 1.98
Reinventing Beauty mag has ($20 CVS coupons inside) .99
2-Colgate Wisp 3.98
Diet Coke 1.49 (I never do this but I was super thirsty)
Total before coupons: $18.43
Used : -
$1 off candy CRT
-2-.50 Colgate Wisp
-$5off $15 CVS CRT
-$9 ECB
Total OOP: $2.93
I recieved $9.99 in ECB for next time!

I went to Target the other day and got a lot of meat for super cheap(another post) and on the way home Mike called and needed me to meet him to pick up the car (yes it was finally ready) so I thought well I don't want the meat to be out too long so I stopped to get some ice to keep it cool. I was going to run in a gas station but I thought why should I spend money there when I have register rewards at Walgreens (right next door to gas station). I went in with $6 RR and some other coupons and I came out with this. I even added an etch a sketch for Bella(also missing from package because she just had to play with it) to fill in and somehow I ended up with a negative balance so I added two more pieces of caramel candy (not pictured because Mike and Bella ate them on the way home also the bag of ice for melting reasons) for a total of .30 Total savings of over $50!

We rented the Movie"Fireproof" the other day and I wanted to review it. What a great movie! This movie is essentially about Fireproofing your marriage and for those of you who haven't heard about it stars Kirk Cameron! You know you are getting old when he was one of your hear throbs growing up. The story tells of Kirks character named Caleb who is a firefighter and has been married for a while and the honeymoon phase is long gone. Caleb and his wife are all but disgusted with each other all the time and Kirk talks with his dad about it and they decide to do whats called The Love Dare for 40 days (you may have seen this book in Target I think when I figure out how to get it free or close to it I will let you know). The Love Dare gives you things to do each day to improve your marriage. The first day for example is no matter what go the entire day without saying anything negative to your spouse/significant other. This is all I am telling you except that I cried throughout this movie and Mike has promised to watch it soon. I think it can help any marriage no matter where you are in it and I think it could help in other relationships too. So my advice is to check it out and I give it 5 stars out of 5! You can rent it at Blockbuster and it is also sold in stores. I have also seen this on church signs as something they are showing at their churches.

So as we are working on our Love Dare or I am because he hasn't seen it yet, I have also lost 11 pounds! Yay! I have no idea how I have done it because I just haven't put effort into except to say that I have been busy trying to save money and trying to find a job. Also as I have previously posted we are still working on potty training Bella. I thought maybe since she waited this long to potty that she would do it one day and it would be done. Not so. I mean really who am I kidding this is Bella we are talking about here. Bella does things in Bella time and no one Else's. I am afraid though that she will done before I go back to work and then regress once I start. Arrrggg! Anyway she is doing better but we are having to stay home a lot because if I put a Pull Up on her to go somewhere she immediately goes in it. Otherwise she seems to hold it most of the time. She will sit on her potty more willingly but not if it interrupts what she's doing. Again, any advice is welcome.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

At our MOPS(Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting today we had Mom olympics which was lots of fun and then they brought the kids in and Bella refused to participate in any of it. But even still they handed out prizes to all of the kids which included a beach pail and shovel,sidewalk chalk, water balloons, water guns (my favorite) and some sunblock and you know how I love free stuff! What a great prize, Thanks Angela! We have been working on potty training lately and we have made it to the potty four times so far. We have had a few accidents but that's all part of it. Since we have tried everything to get this far including witholding her pricess dresses until she at least tries we took advantage of her new pail after dinner and it was on a night Mike got to be home with us so we had lots of fun as a family although Juno barked most of the time because we made him stay inside. One positive of the time change is definitly that it is light out longer so we got lots of fresh air. Here are some fun pictures. She is so sassy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You can have my king

Bella and I were playing with her Barbies this morning.I was ballerina Barbie and she was Sleeping Beauty.Our conversation went like this:

Ballerina Barbie:HI!
Sleeping Beauty: HI Ballerina Barbie!
BB: I like your dress its pink and glittery.
BB: Don' t you have something nice you can say about me?
SB: I have a King and you don't
BB:Well that's nice for you but not for me
SB: you can have my King if you want,OH KINNNNNNGGGGGG!!!!! You go live with Ballerina Barbie


Monday, March 16, 2009


These pictures are out of order but here is Bella crying all the way home because she didn't want to go home.
Asleep we couldn't get her to wake up

Awesome,this is how I feel while watching Mike play video games


Can you find the high heel princess slipper?

We went to Daytona again to get my crown fixed and got to see most everyone while we were there. Here are some pictures. The ones of Bella asleep in the chair are awesome. I always seem to want to take pictures of her sleeping!

Oh and for some good news! Right before we left for Daytona on Friday Bella went all day without a diaper on and didn't make any mess for like 7 hours. I was starting to worry but then I put Pinnochio on and sat her on her potty. She then peed in it twice! We were so excited but she didn't seem fazed like it was old hat or something. SHe then began telling everyone she was a BIgggg and stronnngggg girl with a growl on her face! She hasn't done it again since but we are definitley using a whole lot less diapers. Too bad I got such a good deal on them last week and stocked up. Ah the irony...


Money Saving Blogs

CVS transaction:
2 Pampers Baby dry $10 each $20
2 CVS cashews .99 each $1.98
1 Johnson Johnson baby shampoo $3.00
1 Johnson Johnson detangler $3.00 (I needed this and it was on sale)
Carnation instant breakfast $4.99
CVS Vitamin D $2.99
3 Secret deodorant $1.99 each =$5.97 (not pictured)
Total before coupons: $41.93
I used these coupons:
-2 $1.00 off pampers=$2.00
-2 $1.00 nuts = $2.00
-3 $2.00 off secret =$6.00
-2 $2.00 off Johnson and Johnson =$4.00
Total before Extra Care Bucks :$27.93
ECB used :$21.98
=Out of Pocket:$9.35
Got back $13.00 in ECB for next time
Total savings: $ 46.64 and $13.00 to use!

Note: This is a deal I got on March 1 so these sales no longer apply but I just took forever posting it. I am posting more current deals on my savings website at

The following are free samples and coupons and the like that I have gotten in the mail in the last two weeks
Notice there are free magazines in here too!

I always talk about how much money I save and the websites I use but I wanted to list a few here so you can check them out. I am still trying to figure out how to add linkys to my page so until then I will just list the sites. Also if you are a Twilight fan, The Centsible Sawyer is giving away an awesome gift pack check her site for more details.

A few of my favorite sites:

Good luck on your mission to save money! I am now addicted!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Compton happenings

Juno falling asleep in the car after a long day of play with Sarah Jane
It was hilarious he couldn't keep his eyes open,she gives him a run for his money

Bella PLEASE just leave me alone(she kept trying to kick him from the backseat)
B and Grandpa Fred watching Mickey Mouse
Before his visit with Sarah
Bella said"HEY that's MY baby!!!!"

The last week or so has been very busy so I haven't had a chance to post but Ethan is here playing with Bella so I have a few minutes to concentrate. Mike officially lost the second job teaching so I began my hunt for a job last week. Not something I really want to do but I am getting more excited about it. Bella however wants no part of it. She seems to be appeased by the fact that Mike will be home with her at night though and he is thrilled to get to spend more time with her. Now if only someone would just call me for an interview...

Mike has still been sick but just with the cold thing and I have to say I have never seen him this bad. Bella has had a few sniffles and a low fever but seems to not be affected by it. I went home on Monday to get my teeth cleaned and hair cut and Bella's teeth cleaned too. Since we were there only overnight we didn't get to my hair or Bella's teeth. My teeth,well that's a different story. Apparently my crown is broken or something and bacteria is getting under my gums. I know...gross. So we are heading back into town so mom and team can fix it. I was also advised to get a Waterpik to help with the situation. I am very proud to say that with my coupons and sales I was able to get my $50 Waterpik for FREE. That's right...FREE. MAN I love this saving money thing!YAHOOOOOOO! While I was at the dentist Bella got to hang out with her Papaw Bert and was running the place by the time I got back. I stopped by the house before I went for my oil change and I was trying to say good-bye to her she waved and said"BYE Mommy" as if she was shooing me away. Boo hoo she doesn't need me anymore...except when it comes to church,well that's another story.

During this time Juno went to stay with his sister Sarah and she wore him out like usual (see pics above) Also Tony and Rob felt sorry for him because he is too big for his kennel and bought him a new one for his birthday/Christmas gift. He is thrilled!Thanks Rob and Tony! Bella also managed to con them into a new toy as well. I am sure we will have more pictures to post after this weekend so until then...


Monday, March 2, 2009

Update from the Comptons

Doris at our wedding 2002

So the last few weeks have been a whirlwind. It started with the accident as you have seen. On Wednesday, Mike's step grandmother Doris Compton passed away. She was a nice woman what I got to know of her but she has been in a nursing home since 2005 and with us living away from Port Orange for our entire relationship I didn't get to spend much time with her but she was a lovely lady and she will be missed.

Just so you know she went in here on her own
Still not sure why but it was pretty cute
She spends a lot of time here

Eating apple butter toast
Posing with all our free stuff from Target

Friday we ate "cheap Chinese" and Mike and I both ended up with food poisoning or so we thought. The same night Danny ended up with it too so we figured it was some sort of virus. Mike also had a nice nasty cold starting. Could be that he has been working nonstop as well as the stress from the accident and losing one of his classes for next semester. If you think you are immune from this economy just wait a little longer. Somehow thank the good lord Bella did not get this virus. I have a very difficult time dealing with my own puke let alone anyone else's. The only time she did it on me was when she was a baby and I gave her rice cereal in her bottle but it was just barely digested so you know, not so bad. The other time her grandmother was babysitting and had to "deal" with it. Sorry Pru. Unfortunately, she does seem to have picked up this cold Mike has but she is still in good spirits mostly. So all in all I feel better aside from a stiff neck that some days I can move and some days not. Mike and Bella have colds and well Juno is just Juno...all 85 pounds of him. He seems to have a stomach of steel.

Today seems better though especially considering its a Monday. I wanted to post some picture s of Bella being silly Bella and yes I promise she put herself in Juno's kennel. She then told me she was in jail and to take a picture! Crazy kid!

Otherwise we are just trying to stay warm which is weird to write in Florida in March but it is so cold! Sorry for all the negativity but hopefully the funny pictures will help a little!