Sunday, February 22, 2009

Habijax...or not

Mike had to do some community service for his license on Saturday and was doing a Habitat for Humanity project in downtown Jax. He somehow talked me into to going and let me tell you I went kicking and screaming. Not that I don't support it,its just so not my thing. When Mike told me he signed me up for painting, errands and office work I was a bit relieved. His mom came up to watch Bella and we headed out at 6:30 a.m! We were just about to pull into the parking lot when WHAM we got t-boned. The guy said he stopped at the stop sign but we were in his blind spot. We were on a tiny road in the middle of the city and we were the only cars there. It was a two way stop and we didn't have the stop sign. Mike swerved to miss him but it seemed he was accelerating into us. The car was able to be drove home so thank goodness we didn't have to wait forever for a tow truck. It was COLD outside! Mike hit his head on the roof of the car and has a bruise on his hip. We both had headaches all day but seemed ok. Now here I am at 3:30 in the morning and I can't really move my neck to the right. Now I know I should go to the hospital but I know they would not consider this an emergency and I could be there for hours and hours. As soon as someone in my neighborhood wakes up I will get them to watch Bella so I can go(he is very stubborn and won't go get himself checked out)
Mike has to work a job fair in Gainesville Sunday so we only have one car. Hey what do you think the chances are that he drops me off before he leaves and I am still there by the time he gets done? My gut tells me its a safe bet. Well pray for a short visit please!

Oh on a funny note, the cop put down on the police report that Mike was black. He sure doesn't look black to me. Who's with me? Oh and he was totally trying to pull a Dukes of Hazzard trying to climb out of his window or missing window.

Update: we went to the hospital this morning and even though we were the only ones there for a while we still ended up spending 2.5 hours there. Not too bad if you compare it to Bella's 13 hour stay at Shand's ER. They say I have a cervical sprain and gave me some meds. I took some at the hospital and it still isn't working so we will see how the muscle relaxers do. Oh and Mike stayed with me in the ER even though I told him to go ahead to the job fair. He does love me! Kidding of course I was glad he stayed,love you baby!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day


A quick update on the happenings here. We had a very busy V-day weekend! On Saturday my mom came up to spend the night so Mike and I could finally have a date night! We have not been out on Valentine's Day in over 6 years! Hard to believe I know, but its true. Between having a three year old, money, and the general chaos that comes along with going anywhere on this day it just hasn't happened. Well, this year Mike surprised me and Bella with a lovely batch of roses. He's so sweet to include her with the flowers. I never got them until I was 15! We went to an early movie before dinner to beat the crowds and saw "He's Just Not that into You". I know this isn't what some would consider a romantic movie but I got to pick and I had to take advantage while I could. It was a cute movie but depressing to see how women act to get a man's attention. No...I never acted that way... After the movie we both looked at our watches and it was already 7pm! Yikes! Our reservations were for then and we were a half hour away! So we called the restaurant and they said they could still get us in. When we got there the place was a zoo. Not unlikely for a Japanese Steakhouse, but a little insane. Like I said, we haven't been out in YEARS! About a half hour later, we were seated and excited about our meal. We sat there with drinks and soup for an HOUR. Finally our cook arrived. They made too many reservations and not enough chefs. Now I'm not genius but who's brilliant idea was that? We finally got our food and as always it was delicious. We sat at a fun table of people and a couple of which had just gotten engaged that day and celebrated by drinking three bottles of wine and laughing hysterically. They were very entertaining but I couldn't help but wonder who was driving them home? But I digress...we got home and Bella was still up and refused to go sleep in her bed or with Mamaw. So I know you know where this is going, we had a three year old in our bed on Valentines Day, back to reality.

The next morning Grandma Pru and Papaw Fred came up with Uncle Toneeeeeeeee and Sarah Jane to bring Valentine gifts. Sarah Jane and Juno had a blast as usual and Juno was actually limping by the time the day was over. At lunch Bella pick pocketed Uncle Tony and managed to walk away with $20. He kept trying to trade her for a dollar and she said "no" with a little coaxing from me:) So today she picked out a Minnie Mouse bathing suit to buy with it. Thanks Uncle Tony!

This weekend we have some community service at Habijax that Mike needs for his license that he has conned me into doing with him. I know it is my civic duty but it is so not my thing! Will post about that later.

In other news I am down 9lbs and Juno is up to 80lbs. He is eating us out of house and home. SERIOUSLY. Bella got on the scale at Winn Dixie last week and weighed 34 lbs. No wonder my back hurts! She is also 3 ft 4inches tall. I am so glad she got whoevers tall gene! Growing so fast...

Until next time...


Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well since it has suddenly gotten hot here again (welcome to Florida) and we even had to turn the air on, we went outside to blow some bubbles. At first Bella just wanted to chase them but the wind was blowing so she couldn't really catch any. Then she wanted to blow them and I think this is the first time she did it! She was even able to catch soom on the hoop and then blow those to make more bubbles. So cute!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 Idol

This weekend we got to go to Hollywood Studios to see the American Idol experience. How cool is that? They have an actual stage set up and actual singers that you can actually vote on. I think we were the second showing of the day. There was a 16 year old girl from Jacksonville who sang really well and of course we were leaning towards because she was from Jax. Then there was what I can only describe as a mom jeans wearing, country singing, happy lady. She had bangs combed up like straight out of the 90's and was well over the typical American Idol age. But...she could sing. She sang Independence Day by Martina Mcbride and stole my vote. Then she least out of the three for that round. Go 90's mom jean lady! Sandy was her name I think!

We also met up with Fred and Pru and ran around Epcot too. Bella had a blast and twirled in her Minnie ballerina dress. Unfortunately she was in no mood for pictures so I think Mike got some better pictures.

In other news, I cannot seem to kick this stinkin bronchitis thing. I am calling the doc again tomorrow for some different antibiotics. Any advice is welcome...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"I like Jesus"

Ahhh some more Bellaisms to brighten your day....

While in the car with Ethan today, "I like Jesus,do you like Jesus Ethan?"

On the way to meet Daddy, "I love my daddy Michael, he's a good guy"

As most of you know Bella does not stop talking and to be quite honest sometimes I tune her out(hey I spend 24 hours a day with her!) but tonight I was driving and I turned off the radio and listened. She began a talking and singing tirade that went on for 30 minutes straight.

She sang a song she made up about GodJesus(I think she thinks they are the same person) that went "GodJesus loves to eat Emma's bo-ttle!" Jesus loves me when I say twinkle twinkle little star up above the whirl so high...oh sleeping beauty is a big girl who goes poopy in the potty and Bella is a baby who goes pee-pee and poopy in her diaper and she is rotten and Nitnots is so boooorrrrinngg! Just Kidding!"
Yes her new phrase is "Just Kidding" She even says it with a little sarcasm in her tone. At the end of this tirade she said "Whew Mommy I need to take a break!"(as she took a few deep breaths)

She also has a pair of boots that for the longest time she refused to wear so I used to sing to her "These boots are made for walkin" to get her to wear them. Tonight as we put them on she said "my boots are not gonna walk all over me Mommy"

Heading to Disney this weekedn so I am sure I will have new pics then...


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Goooooooo Steelers!!!!!!!!

                                        Sleeping Snow White
                                           Ballerina Minnie

                                Zoie, Dave, Jodi, Emma, Heather
                         Danny and his neck flashlight

                                    Mike and his terrible towel
                                         Jodi, Emma, Heather
                                              Gidget and Samson

                                          Saran Wrap girl

                                        Wrestling (this is new for them)


                                                He couldn't stop laughing

                                            Jodi, Zoie
                                                    Heather and her Snuggie
                                                You know you love your 3-D glasses

                                      Let's see how many we can fit on this couch

     Yes folks the Steelers won! So for all you haters out there...hahahahahha! If it wasn't obvious we went to the Fariello's again for the game (they have a bigger TV).