Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas continued

                                               We are a Disney mess

                                                          This one is my favorite


Christmas 2008

                                                Happy Holidays everyone! Lots of blogging here

                                            Christmas Eve began with a dinner with  Fred and Pru and Tony and                                                 Rob. We had our first Christmas Eve dinner at our house so we                                                           decided to do it our way. We went with a half Italian meal starting                                                     with Caprese Salad, then Ziti and added in Ham and mashed potatoes                                               and corn for tradition sake. Mike did a wonderful job and I did a                                                         masterful job at peeling the potatoes. Tony made cannolis with                                                           chocolate chips and pineapple and we were all stuffed like pigs. We                                                  also went to a Christmas Eve service at our church which was also a                                                  first for our family. Grandma Pru went and Bella guilted uncle Toneeee                                            into going because well she is just obsessed with him. She did                                                              remarkably well for her first time in the Sanctuary and it was a lovely                                              service with lots of Music, Scripture and a laugh about Turnip Greens.                                                                Only at Russell Baptist.
                                            We made cookies for Santa even though Bella still didn't want him to                                                come but now the day after Christmas she has been asking to see him                                                all day. Guess all the gifts changed her mind. We awoke at a                                                                respectable 7 a.m. and it took Bella almost an hour I think to get all of                                              her gifts open, but she did it all herself! She got everything she wanted                                             as always and we will be busy playing for months I'm sure.
                                             Here's grouchy Rob although I think he wasn't so grouchy by this                                                            point
                                            Mike post meal
                                             Aren't we cute?!?
                                             Bella and her matching doll dress from Aunt Tammy
                                              Just the girls and Scrappy ;)

                                                        Papaw Fred assuming his position
                                             Christmas morning. This was Bella's BIG gift but she just glazed over                                                   it. MOVING ON DADDY!
                                             No sign of a recession here

                                             Not sure what she was doing

                                               Juno after everyone left and a full night and day of play sleeping in                                                     Bella's tent
                                                 Cinderella castle
                                                Sarah and Juno all tuckered out. Tony and Rob brought all of their                                                  dogs so Juno and Sarah reconnected again and played like a bunch of                                                maniacs. Juno is still lying on the floor all day today recovering.
                                            We went to John and Kathy's for dinner later and this is Bella opening                                              her "favorite Fancy Nancy" gift from Ethan.  We had good fun and tons                                             of food and enjoyed every last morsel of it until we stepped on the                                                    scales this morning.
                                            Ethan and his gifts from Bella and Pru- Emma was sleeping
                                               Good ole GG
                                              Mike nicely shaved
                                             HEather, Bella, Ethan, John, Jodi

                                             Jodi, Dave, and Zoie Land
                                             Teresa and Michael Lantanza- they are expecting a baby girl!
                                              "Uncle Coey"
                                              Mom and Son (Kathy and Danny)
                                             So we have a bunch more picture on Mike's camera which he took the                                              card to work today so I will upload those when he gets home tonight,                                                maybe. Until then...


Monday, December 22, 2008

Bella singing Jingle Bells

     Bella was supposed to be in her room taking a nap but I heard her singing and could not resist this video.  Turn up your volume and ENJOY! 

    As I was putting her to bed tonight she was propped up on her pillows all sprawled out, so I said, Are you gonna get under your blankets or just chill? She said, " I'm just gonna chill" I tried to roll her over to lay her down and she said, "No Mommy, I just wanna  chill"


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mamaw and Papaw come for Christmas

                                             5 months 58.4 lbs
                                                "Rollin on the floor mommy"

    My mom and dad came up on Sunday to celebrate Christmas with us. We went to lunch and came back and opened presents. I was a little concerned that Bella would be rude as she has been telling me all season long that she didn't want any presents not even from Santa. She has been a little unpredictable lately so I just imagined her throwing something back in  their faces. Not so. She tore open her presents like an old pro and I think it was done in minutes. She also tore open another present this morning that she wasn't supposed to but that's another story.  It was so good to see you mom and dad! Love you and Merry Christmas!

After a long day of fun, throwing a fit
Miss Tinkerbell