Monday, September 29, 2008

"Mommy you are so beautiful...with your hair"

In Bella's igloo tent

Cute puppy
His first magazine mess, he had a ball
She wanted me to take a picture of something else not her. SHe then immediately wanted to see this one.

My fat boy, he kinda looks like a weeble
Bella wanted to try on her "Mickey ears"

Then the too small Pooh costume

     I was laying down with Bella trying to get her to take a nap and she said " I love you , mommy" Of course I responded with ,I love you too Bella. Then she said "Mommy you are so beautiful...with your hair"


"mommy you need a haircut and then I need a haircut with Mommy too" (never mind we just got haircuts a few weeks ago). I've been thinking about it and maybe it was because I just got out of the shower and hadn't combed my hair. Lord knows if I don't do something with it it looks pretty rough. I guess she already has an eye for a bad hair day. 

    Bella is so excited for her birthday. She pretty much thinks its tomorrow , every day. We are trying to decide which Hot Wheels car we are getting her and its between a Mustang (like her uncle Toneeeeee's) or a Cadillac Escalade. They are both bright pink and super fun. 

     The dog is growing way too fast and on my scale weighs over 22 pounds now. He barks a lot lately for no apparent reason. He barks every time he has to go out but also just randomly at us. No, he doesn't hear anything outside just barking to talk to us I guess. He is still a chewing maniac and is a full time job but he does listen at least half the time. I guess that's good for a 10 week old puppy. He is now sitting on command and most of the time will shake with one sometimes two paws. That is the only thing Smokey ever knew how to do so I am guessing we are doing good so far.

     This past weekend we had a quiet one and it was much appreciated because we always have something to do and in October every weekend is already booked. So I guess we could say it was the calm before the storm.
     We took Ethan and Bella to see the movie Igor and it was cute. They seemed to enjoy it with their own drinks, popcorn, and candy.  

Sunday, September 21, 2008

UF vs. Tennessee weekend

Pull up heiny
Mike cooking calzones(note the mess)
Florida kids

Dave and Emma
Fred and Pru
Unfortunately not my fridge
Not my best but one with me and Bella
Heather and Emma
Bella was about done here 

These pictures don't need much explanation and since this is my fourth blog in one day I will leave it at that. 



Juno update

In Mikes lap
Bella picked out this toy for Juno and put it in the cup holder of the door
In the floorboard
Between the door and Mike driving
He has to sit down to eat. He's too lazy to stand

This makes us think about how big he will be
 Finally asleep after his vaccines
He loves to be under things
After I caught him in the shower he can running out and slid halfway across the bathroom floor. The floor is slippery but this was hilarious.
Trying to get a family pic for Robs mom
Again as you can see Juno is losing patience
Happy boy

     Here's the latest on Juno crazy dog! We took him to the vet Saturday and he weighed 16.5 pounds. They gave him his vaccines and dewormed him and they said that the reason his stomach is so big is because he has gastroenteritis. Wow, didn't know dogs could get that. They gave him antibiotics and he seems to be doing better. These are some pics if him for the last week and ones in the car are funny. He apparently couldn't find a comfy spot on the way to the vet and home until he sat between Mike and the driver door. This might be a problem at the rate of his weight gain. Oh and by the way if Mike was single he would've had no problem picking up women in Petsmart. They were literally all over Juno. Everyone went on and on about how beautiful he was. It was like carrying around a newborn baby. Even the cashier asked to hold him! The other comments were on how big he was for his age. Lord help us!

These boots are made for walking

Cowgirl take me away

     I bought Bella these boots over a month ago and she has refused to wear them. Suddenly, she decided once I sang the song for her, that she wanted to wear them all day.  Oh and by the way the overalls were a Target steal at $2.48! Yay!

Crock pot cake

The finished product sans icing

In the pot (looks like poo huh?)

      This was my attempt to make a crock pot cake. Simple enough right? Something went terribly wrong. I followed the instructions and it was still burnt. Not only that but it just tasted so weird. Some parts were good but it was mostly bad. I think we didn't mix it well enough(the recipe said to mix by hand, next time I will use the mixer) Anyway Bella helped me make it and these photos are so cute so it wasn't a complete loss.  I just love her in her apron! Too cute!