Monday, July 27, 2009

Ethan's 4th Birthday

These are all out of order but I'm tired

Kathy's holding new baby Samantha

After getting out of the pool crying
Little blue eyes

Bella was like this all weekend

More than meets the eye

Candy dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So she whined all day refused to stay in the pool because other kids were there, and was just generally unhappy all weekend. I can't figure it out minus being overtired but she does nap most days in school. We have definitely figured out that as long as we get here there when its playground time she is fine with no tears or screaming. The last few days she has announced her appearance with "its Ethan's and Juno's birthday today" She is so anxious for her birthday now but it is still a few months away. I told her we still have Mamaw's, Emma's, Danny's, Uncle Jon's, Aunt Adrian's, Sydney's, Uncle Tony's and then hers. I think that will keep her mind occupied until then!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mike's birthday

I add this one because Danny could not join us for dinner. Anyone who doesn't know,Danny is a workaholic as seen here wiping his brow from his daily woes.

I'm sure she just loves me for this
Have table will sleep

This is funny because Heather and Ethan both seem to have standard picture faces as in they are always making the same face in most of their pictures!
I only post this for you Rob
He's pretty sassy or maybe just pretty

Emma and my horrible posture

Isn't she adorable?

This is why my kitchen floor is always soaked

Reference the comment with Heather and Emma picture

He LOVES chocolate cake!

How many can we fit on one couch?

My puppy no more he is officially 1 year old and 100lbs!

I haven't been posting because other than birthdays not much has happened and now that I am working full time I am just plain exhausted, Training is finally over and I just had my first official day working in the store. It went ok but I still have a lot to learn. Bella is doing much better in school and has even made some friends. There is another Bella in her class and a new mention tonight of Logan. Watch out Ethan, you've got competition!