Friday, October 31, 2008

All in ten minutes

  While I was getting Bella dressed after the bath I said:

Go say goodnight to Daddy and come back and we'll read a story
Bella: " Yes so we can leave the door crunked"

     Then we were reading her Mickey Mouse Halloween book and I asked her what Goofy's costume was and she said:

"Shing arma, shing arma"

He was a KNIGHT

      A few weeks ago we got Bella this neat nightlight that turns itself off, she can hold it and it doesn't get hot.  It glows pretty bright she could even almost read in the dark with it. She picked out the green one and calls him her "little green guy"

      She held him up to my face tonight and said:
" Mommy I can see your boogers"

Halloween 2008 and Spooktacular

Bundled bambino
wizard who is now friends with Heather
Fighting over the manatee ( who needs two kids? I have Ethan and Bella)

Nope dunno these peeps just the giraffe

So fun

Heather and Emma


constipated, clearly

Let the fun begin

Note the blob of mess below the chair

My pretty
our pumpkin Mike's freehand UF

Fariello kids minus the brooding teen

She was babbling
Halloween night
Florida pumpkins

Fariello 3
Danny and Emma the Skunk
Pumpkin Minnie and Buzz
There was no one home
Skunk and momma
Too cute

    Again with a huge mass of pictures, this dialogue will be brief. Bella wanted to dress up so badly but absolutely refused to say "Trick or Treat" to anyone. A lady at the zoo tried to give her a glow in the dark necklace and Bella swatted her with her wand. Yes, we are having behavior issues.  To be fair she is getting sick but there is no doubt about it, we have entered the terrible three's and they are much worse than the terrible two's. We went to the Jacksonville Zoo on Thursday and then around the neighborhood on Halloween. The Zoo gave out lots of fun stuff like band-aids, cloth grocery bags, krispy kreme donuts, chocolate milk, diet lemon pepsi, italian ice, and coupons. Weird. But we did get free kids ids with their pictures fingerprints, height , and weight. Bella refused to participate in any this so it was forced and she officially has her first mugshot. I just have to figure out how to scan it. Trust me it is hilarious. Oh and they gave out a little candy too. Halloween night was pretty much the same but changed costumes and add Mike, Danny, Kathy, and Juno. We are all exhausted and looking forward to a quiet weekend minus the Floriga game.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Six year anniversary

Bella's new parasol
Le French
FInished product
Painting parasol
Daddy n me
She suddenly has no interest in the characters

They were fighting for a spot in the window

Ariel is her fave
Waiting for Ariel

Pretending to eat something
Bibbity boppity booooooo

Dancin with my daddy

Look at all this cheese

Chandler smile

     We went to Disney for our anniversary this year and stayed in the in laws motor home. So we took the dog and Bella. Fortunately, our friends Tommy and Danielle wanted to steal Bella for one of the nights so we did have some alone time. It was very quiet...weird. Bella went and played with Savy and her cousins and had a blast. She was so worn out by the time we got her back.