Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Weekend

                                             Silvermist, Bella, and Mike

        Another weekend another Disney trip. Well not completely, but we did spend the weekend in Daytona. We stayed with my mom and got a lot of visiting in. We went to see Bedtime Stories on Saturday and Bella fell asleep. It wasn't a cartoon so I think she got bored but it really was a great movie and I think it might have been Adam Sandler's first Disney movie. Adam Sandler with no bad language or innuendo, oh my. But he pulled it off quite well I think. Bella loves to go to the movies now. She just cannot seem to make it through without popcorn and drink now even if we just ate lunch. We were down at the Ocean Walk movies which is on the beach so we ate at Johnny Rockets for lunch and walked around and checked out the beach. It was amazing how many people were in their skivvies in early January. But that's Florida for you. We didn't have our suits or we would have been there too. On Sunday we went to Magic Kingdom and made the whole day about Bella and she had no problem obliging us here. We rode lots of rides saw some shows and had a grand ole time. Bella even saw Snow White and Tinkerbell and friends for the first time. Now I know you are thinking its not possible she hasn't seen them yet but its true and she didn't really want much to do with any of them until we walked away.
                                            Tinkerbell, B, and Mike trying to hide
                                            The country Bear jamboree- Mike and I haven't seen this ssince we were kids and it was hilarious. Obviously they have not updated it since then and they were singing songs like "there's blood on my saddle" and "jimbob got a whoopin" etc. It was very amusing and I am glad Bella was more interested in watching than listening to the words.

                                             Oh and almost all the bears looked like they were high.

                                             On Pirates, mike told her the Pirates were gonna bite her. She was terrified. Bad daddy!
We never allow this kind of lollipop but I was feeling generous and we very quickly regretted it. SHe had it in her hair, on Fred's arm hair, on the ground etc. But the pictures were cute anyway.
                                                   Messy face
                                                           Sneaky face

                                                          She is full of expressions
                                               Mom in the movie
                                                Bella not asleep yet